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How to know if it is time for you to change your job?

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If you find yourself looking through the window on a casual work day and wondering what it would be like to change the job, it might be the first sign that you actually need to do it. The second sign might be if you start procrastinating and failing deadlines which directly affects your work performance. If you start complaining to your colleagues, the morale of the staff will also go down. In this case, it is a lose-lose situation: you feel moody and unhappy, while the company suffers from your poor performance.

First of all, ask yourself if you really want to change your job. Motivating yourself in the workplace can get difficult because of many other reasons. Stress and emotional fatigue are the top reasons. It is very important to find out, where your unhappiness comes from. In many cases, it might be a direct result of troubles at home or some kind of personal health issues. If you have to, seek professional help to sort things out. Use services of a company’s career advisor or HR specialist, if there is one. The goal here is to remove any doubts that concern you about your current situation.

Secondly, if it is possible try taking some time off work and go on vacation. Changing the environment for a while helps you relax and take a fresh look at life and everyday routine. It might also serve as a restart for your inner system. Vacation is there for a reason, so do not be afraid to use it wisely. Try to change the scenery as much as possible and spend some quality time with your beloved ones. After you have done all this, your mind will be much clearer. After returning to your job, ask yourself how you feel. If you still think that the biggest problem of your life is the job, then it is probably time to start taking some actions.

However, still do not rush into making quick decisions. Do not just hang in your application for dismissal and find yourself jobless and without any idea what to do next. Start slowly and look for other opportunities while still keeping the current job. The main question here is: what is so unsatisfying about your current job that you absolutely have to avoid in the next one? There are plenty career websites on the internet that provide listings of various job offers. Take your time and search through them until you find something that really catches your eye. Do not look for exactly the same job; try something new yet something that is in your field of expertise. Attend some interviews and find out what is the situation in the market. The grass always looks greener on the other side but you have to stay realistic and do not make any stupid decisions. Try to be rational and positive. Moreover, if you get a new offer from another employer, do not use it as a way to squeeze more money from your current employer. Possibly he might get afraid to lose you and therefore will offer you bigger salary, but then just remind yourself what led you to actually wanting to change your job. Even though bigger salary might be tempting, you will fall in the same trap (unless you are most unhappy about your salary which is rarely the main reason of not liking the job, although people might claim differently).

Finally, if you have changed your job, do not look back. Do not ask yourself if you have made the right decision to change your job. People pity themselves too often wondering if they have been right or wrong.

The decision has been made and what you can do is just move on with your life. Be the best person you can in your new workplace and learn from your own mistakes in the previous job.

All in all, while changing your job might seem a life turning thing, in the long run it is just another important decision that you have made amongst your other decisions. Experts recommend changing job every 5-7 years and it happens daily in the world.

Always remember that you have to stay true to yourself and it is not up to the employer to make you happy (although he will do his best to do so).


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