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Foreigner in Lithuania: How to act during inerviews when searching for a job in Lithuania?

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Ok, so you find yourself living in Lithuania. Whatever are the reasons that brought you to Lithuania, you should consider yourself a lucky person. Lithuania is a small but vibrant country that has a lot to offer for everyone. With many world‘s big name companies, such as Western Union, IBM, Barclay, Ikea and other, that have already set their foot in Lithuania, finding a job for a foreigner is not a mission impossible. Of course, finding yourself a decent job might be a little bit tricky but with a few recommendations in this article, you will increase your chances dramatically.

First of all, it is important to dress appropriately. First impression plays a significant yet often overlooked role. We have this old Lithuanian saying that can be roughly translated as “greet by the looks, say goodbye by the mind”. This means that firstly people judge others by their looks and later, when they get to know them better, by their intelligence. This rule applies well for job interviews. It is recommended that men would wear a suit and women would choose something of business casual, like a skirt and a blouse. Remember, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Secondly, since more and more foreign companies open their offices in Lithuania, very often they look for English-speaking support personnel. English is the most popular language, but companies such as Western Union or Transcom are also looking for, for example, Spanish, German, French speaking people. Literally, there are job positions for almost any language speaking candidates in Lithuania; you just have to put some effort to find it. This means that your main advantage over Lithuanian job seekers is the fluency of the language you speak and which is listed as a requirement for a job position. Be sure to point out this as much as possible, while of course mentioning other good personal qualities that you have.

Moreover, be clear about the duration of your stay in Lithuania when being interviewed for a job position. Many people fail to deliver the correct answer when they express their doubts about the duration of stay. Companies always search for dedicated candidates who won’t leave after a couple of months. This means that if a job contract is for one year, a candidate should be able to stay one year with the company. When asked for how long you are planning to stay in Lithuania, always be clear about it and if you really want to the job, assure the interviewer that you will stay with the company as long as needed. It helps a lot to say that you are planning to live in Lithuania for at least a couple of years.

Fourthly, prepare yourself at home and find out as much as possible about the company. Be ready to answer any tricky questions and think of some questions for the interviewer concerning the company. Also, be ready to explain your motivation for taking the particular job position and list all your career achievements. Remember, you will be competing with many Lithuanian candidates, so the competition will not be easy. In other words, you will have to prove that you are the best candidate for the job.

And finally, be and stay positive because positive energy is contagious. It is true that Lithuanians are not used to smile a lot, especially in public, thus forming an image of always being very serious. On job positions that require energy and dedication and where Lithuanians often fail to portray these personal traits, your positivity will serve you as a very important advantage.


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