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Doing What Matters to You: Ideas on how to Choose the Right Career Nowadays, people in wealthy countries have many opportunities to find a job that they like. However, in most cases this becomes a constraint: when one can choose anything, he struggles to do so. In order to choose the right career, money cannot be the main and only factor. Those who ignore this rule, often find themselves in jobs that they do not like and where they feel that their potential is not fully uncovered...
Foreigner in Lithuania: How to act during inerviews when searching for a job in Lithuania? Ok, so you find yourself living in Lithuania. Whatever are the reasons that brought you to Lithuania, you should consider yourself a lucky person. Lithuania is a small but vibrant country that has a lot to offer for everyone. With many world‘s big name companies, such as Western Union, IBM, Barclay, Ikea and other, that have already set their foot in Lithuania, finding a job for a foreigner is not a mission impossible...
How to know if it is time for you to change your job? If you find yourself looking through the window on a casual work day and wondering what it would be like to change the job, it might be the first sign that you actually need to do it. The second sign might be if you start procrastinating and failing deadlines which directly affects your work performance...

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