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Scopic Software

Scopic Software

What we do
3D and Vision-Based Industrial and Medical Applications. Scientific & medical visualization, Reverse engineering & inspection, CAD, Object recognitiontracking, DICOM, etc. Interactive Web and iPhone Applications. FlexFlash designer & planner apps, Papervision 3D web apps, iPhone - 3D, image and audio-video apps, etc. Media-Packed Desktop Applications. 2D3D Graphics, SDHD Video, Images and Vectors - for games, broadcast, mapping apps and more.


Darbo aprašymas:

Scopic Software ( is the largest virtual software company in the world. We have over 200 employees in 25 different countries. All employees work from home. We develop custom software applications for clients in North America and Europe. The company is looking to hire a remote Inside Sales Rep – Software/IT.

Our future employee will work in our sales team to help us continue to grow our software services. Will report to management, who will provide support and supervise all activities.


Reikalavimai kandidatui:


Learn what services the company can provide and utilize that knowledge to initiate daily activities that will generate relevant sales leads.
Working directly with our clients and project managers to up-sell and maximize our revenue per account.
Directly communication with potential new clients to understand requirements and assess opportunities.
Proactively pursue and prospect new business opportunities in support of sales goals and objectives.
Establish new channels and partnerships. Work with management on overall sales strategy.
Lead generation and prospecting for new customers by networking, cold calling, advertising, bidding in online IT marketplaces, or working any other relevant channels.
Possess a deep understanding of target client profiles as they relate to sales and marketing objectives.
Work diligently and creatively to turn opportunities into actual projects.
Work with operations, engineering, and marketing as needed.


Bachelor's or Master’s Degree.
Work experience 2+ years in lead generation and sales.
Demonstrated sales record.
Must be tech-savvy and have knowledge of the ITSoftware industry.
Strategic and analytical skills as they pertain to sales strategies and operations.
Communication and Interpersonal skills both written and verbal.
A doer that takes initiative and ownership.
Excellent attention to detail.
Overall knowledge of marketing skills are a plus.
Personality traits necessary to excel in sales (positive, ambitious, gregarious, flexible, self-sufficient).
Must be independent and disciplined enough to work remotely.

Įmonės pasiūlymai:

Part-time to start with a pathway to full-time based upon performance.

Please apply online: https:/scopicsoftware.recruiterbox.comjobsfk065mx

Or email your CV to:

Papildoma informacija

Vieta: Vilnius / Lietuva
Galioja iki: 2017-07-22

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