Simulation engineers

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Darbo aprašymas:

• Analyze project data and requirements and create materials handling systems simulation models using the software tools provided.
• Verify internal and external customer requirements for the project using the model. For example – verifying equipment cycle times and system throughput.
• Provide advance warnings of potential design problems during simulation process and propose possible system improvements.
• Refine the system model in line with final design details or generate optional designs as required.
• Runtest various scenarios to prove system performance and present results as necessary both internally and externally to client.
• Prepare project simulation documentation such as scope of work and final report and coordinate it with internal and external clients.
• Present findings to support work of other project engineers.

Reikalavimai kandidatui:

We expect applicants tobe familiar with systems modeling and conducting discrete event simulation as well as data analysis. A working knowledge of MS tools and application programming is essential.In addition you will be given advanced English language and technical training to further extend your abilities. We will provide you with a guided start in the area and further opportunities to grow and apply your knowledge and skills.

Įmonės pasiūlymai:

You will be driven by desire to work within a multi-national, corporate environment and you will have excellent client facing skills and good English verbal/written communication skills. This is opportunity for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join a successful and expanding business and to build your international career.

To apply please send your CV.
Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Galioja iki: 1/22/2013